New NFT collection aimed to preserve the beauty of marine ecosystem

Oceans cover two-thirds of Earth’s surface and support a dazzling diversity of life forms. That’s why it is very important to protect marine ecosystems from the impacts of people and climate change. The new collection of digital artworks created by Dasha Wagner in 2021 is titled “De Mari”, which means “from the sea” in Latin. It is now available for purchase on one of the rapidly growing NFT platforms, called DoinGud. With the primary focus on inspiring creativity and positive social impact, DoinGud utilizes a built-in donation model whereby a portion of every NFT sale is automatically donated to a vetted social impact organization of a creator’s choice. Being an environmentally-conscious company, DoinGud runs on the Polygon network trying to make all blockchain operations sustainable and reduce the carbon footprint.

All artworks from “De Mari” collection reveal a sophisticated combination of simple geometric forms and the natural beauty of marine plants and textures. Part of the proceeds will help to support Ocean Defenders Alliance initiatives to remove derelict fishing nets, traps, plastic, and other man-made debris threatening ocean wildlife and habitats.

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