This whimsical new collection of NFT artworks is called “De Mari”, which means “from the sea” in Latin. It reveals a sophisticated combination of simple geometric forms and the natural beauty of marine plants and textures.

Part of the proceeds will help to support Ocean Defenders Alliance initiatives to remove derelict fishing nets, traps, plastic, and other man-made debris threatening ocean wildlife and habitats.


Inspired by classic Dutch botanical paintings, this floral still life celebrates color, texture, and form. The perfectly balanced composition derives much of its energy from the asymmetrical arrangement of the blossoms, further accentuated by the wildly curving stems and dramatically highlighted central section.



Art thinking begins with curiosity. I have always been intrigued by natural textures, archaeological artifacts, and ethnographic motifs, as well as by computer science. Today I work in a wide range of media that includes 3D rendering, augmented reality, animation, and digital illustration. While using simple forms, bold colors, and clean lines became a part of my signature style, I also enjoy experimenting with whimsy textures and sophisticated patterns. I believe that exploring the connections between the world’s cultural heritage and the technological transformation of modern society can become a fascinating journey for both an artist and a viewer.