The “Origins” NFT Exhibition

One of the artworks from the “De Mari” collection titled “Genesis Mystery” has been selected for the “Origins” exhibition, launched by DoinGud NFT platform. With the primary focus on generating positive social impact, DoinGud enables creators to donate a percentage of first and secondary NFT sales to a variety of charitable causes, in an effort to drive social impact awareness.

“For us at DoinGud, ‘Origins’ represents the beginning of our journey. For others, it may represent their first steps in the NFT space.”

Water meets Earth in this 3D digital sculpture. Transforming the beauty of core natural elements into a masterpiece of conceptual art by using cutting-edge computer technologies. Inspired by modern science and ancient myths about the origin of Earth, this artwork highlights the magnificent textures of marble, copper, glass, pearl, and a sea urchin.

Part of the proceeds will help to support Ocean Defenders Alliance initiatives to remove derelict fishing nets, traps, plastic, and other man-made debris threatening ocean wildlife and habitats.

The “Origins” exhibition is available online January 24 through February 7, 2022

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