“Silent Spells” NFT Exhibition

Step into the world of ancient magic, dark forests, mysterious whispers, and foggy meadows! This new virtual exhibition is a result of a collaboration between Dasha Wagner and Juried Protocol Galleries (USA). It showcases the best landscape and fine art photography presented by the most talented photographers from around the globe.

The existence of a curated exhibitions layer in the Web3 space helps collectors to understand what type of artworks they want to collect. It also helps to grow the whole NFT ecosystem and provides a new space for interactions between artists and buyers.

Juried Protocol Galleries (JPG) is a Web3 platform that focuses on NFT curation and brings collectors, curators, and artists together. All exhibitions are recorded on Arweave, ensuring a permanent history of curatorial provenance.


  • Ada Crow
  • Art Banditz
  • Bella Kotak
  • Crypto_KO
  • Fabio Antenore
  • Fin Matson
  • Fredrik Strømme
  • Grace Almera
  • Jacob Riglin
  • Jay Kyren
  • Light Palmer
  • Neil Burnell
  • PhotoVisions
  • Reza Nia
  • Steveo Spirals
  • Vincent Schnabl
  • WSL Community
  • Xcenic.

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