CADAF Art Fair 2022

Dasha’s new artwork, called “Synergy”, has been presented at the CADAF Art Fair in NYC from the 11-13 of November. It was a 3-day event full of digital art, immersive installations, special programming, and networking. CADAF Art Fair presented a selection of leading digital artists and Web3 innovators from all over the world, curated by Elena Zavelev and Andrea Steuer.

To celebrate the 5th edition of the fair, CADAF has partnered with Web3 NYC Gallery to host the event at the iconic New York location near by the Times Square. The tech-forward space has been transformed into an immersive experience inviting collectors, art lovers, and Web3 enthusiasts to discover and collect digital art.


Founded in 2019 by Elena Zavelev and Andrea Steuer, CADAF is a complete ecosystem for artists, curators and collectors to discover, buy and learn about digital art and NFTs. CADAF Marketplace provides tools for curators and artists to develop curatorial visions, create digital exhibitions, collaborate and discover new talents. CADAF supports the expansion of digital and new media art through a dedicated program of art fairs, festivals and educational programming around the world.

About Web3 NYC Gallery

Web3 NYC Gallery is a first of its kind permanent Web3 store. With its first location initially on Fifth Avenue in New York, Web3 NYC Gallery boasts working with some of the largest Web2.5 and Web3 brands in the space. Web3 NYC Gallery has a goal to onboard millions of new users into Web3 over the next year as it expands into all of the stop metropolitan areas across the world.

“Silent Spells” NFT Exhibition

Step into the world of ancient magic, dark forests, mysterious whispers, and foggy meadows! This new virtual exhibition is a result of a collaboration between Dasha Wagner and Juried Protocol Galleries (USA). It showcases the best landscape and fine art photography presented by the most talented photographers from around the globe.

The existence of a curated exhibitions layer in the Web3 space helps collectors to understand what type of artworks they want to collect. It also helps to grow the whole NFT ecosystem and provides a new space for interactions between artists and buyers.

Juried Protocol Galleries (JPG) is a Web3 platform that focuses on NFT curation and brings collectors, curators, and artists together. All exhibitions are recorded on Arweave, ensuring a permanent history of curatorial provenance.


  • Ada Crow
  • Art Banditz
  • Bella Kotak
  • Crypto_KO
  • Fabio Antenore
  • Fin Matson
  • Fredrik Strømme
  • Grace Almera
  • Jacob Riglin
  • Jay Kyren
  • Light Palmer
  • Neil Burnell
  • PhotoVisions
  • Reza Nia
  • Steveo Spirals
  • Vincent Schnabl
  • WSL Community
  • Xcenic.