Pharmacy Books

Paradigm Education Solutions (St. Paul, MN) offers a wealth of educational resources – including comprehensive textbooks and digital learning tools – that equip students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to succeed in the fast-growing healthcare industry. All five books were designed specifically for pharmacy technicians to make the learning process easy and enjoyable. The range of products consists of print books, eBooks, and the Drugs and Terms app. This project received the American Graphic Design Award, presented by Graphic Design USA Magazine (GDUSA).


  • Concept & Design  Dasha Wagner
  • Managing Editors  Brenda M. Palo, Carley Fruzetti
  • Developmental Editors  Marybeth Lorbiecki, Stephanie Schempp
  • Production Editor  Carrie Rogers
  • Director of Production  Timothy W. Larson
  • Director of Marketing  Lara Weber McLellan

Covers Black

Margin Features









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