Paper Museum In Atlanta


You probably will not find much information about this museum in Atlanta guidebooks or travel magazines… The Robert C. Williams Paper Museum (or American Museum of Papermaking) is located at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Established in 1939, the museum is a unique resource where you may find a lot of interesting information about the history of paper and paper making technologies. This is a must-see place for every artist or graphic designer!

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Google Inspires Designers and Artists

These five Google services are in my bookmarks list. I think each of them is a great source of inspiration and knowledge…

1. Google Art Project // The world’s cultural treasures online 

Google Art Project

Museums from over 40 countries have contributed more than 40,000 high-resolution images of artworks. Some images are available in “gigapixel” format, allowing you to zoom in to examine incredible detail. You can take virtual tours, create your own gallery and share your favorite masterpieces via social media.   

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