Digital Art New Year 2023

The new 2023 year began with a celebration of creativity and diversity. Dasha Wagner has recently presented her “Synergy” artwork on the 12-meter LED display at the Beijing Art District.

The Digital Art New Year 2023 exhibition (#DANY2023) has been hosted by NEAL Digital Gallery and introduced over 600 NFT artists to Chinese contemporary art collectors and enthusiasts. The two-day event has been held from December 31, 2022 to January 1, 2023. It is the first out of several big events devoted to crypto art which NEAL Digital Gallery plans to host during this year.

Founded in July 2020, NEAL Digital Gallery is one of the most influential modern art galleries in China. Their global team strives to let more people know about encrypted art through innovative display methods.

“We adopt ‘artist-first’ culture and advance our mission through robust programs from public exhibitions, installations, and interdisciplinary projects to institutional collaborations.”