Luxury Brands: “Do It Yourself”

Hermes 1

It looks like a new marketing trend… At least two well-known brands use the concept of “Do It Yourself” projects made by their social media followers and website visitors. Both Hermès and Moleskine encourage their fans to take a break during a busy day and play with paper, glue and scissors. Why are they doing that?

Hermes 2

Hermès has a very interesting website. Every single product line is presented through an interactive game or a short video. That’s why DIY paper clutches and cuff bracelets look very appropriate there. It’s easy. Make a bracelet, take a photo, upload it to social media, and voilà — you are a star!

Moleskine 1

Moleskine is trying to build an online community of artists and loyal customers. The company’s website has many free downloadable templates: calendars, bookmarks, notebook pockets, greeting cards and Christmas ornaments.

Moleskine 3

You may even find some “Do not disturb” signs (blank or designed by Moleskine artists), as well as a messenger bag or a gift box templates.

Moleskine 2

The advantage of using DIY projects as a new marketing or branding approach is obvious.

  • People tend to spend more time browsing a company’s website
  • Fun paper projects make creatives, teens and kids happy
  • Increasing number of followers in social media

People don’t just want to buy a product. They want to upgrade it, customize it or even redesign it… And the most important thing — they want to share their experience with others!

Do you know other companies offering any DIY projects?

What do you think?

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