Proudly Announcing the Release of New eBook!

Thank you to all designers who have submitted their cards for “The Best Photo Cards” eBook.  All the photo cards you see in this publication are the result of brainstorming and hard work of many design professionals. Fifty five companies and design studios from 10 different countries present their best projects. They are true devotees of graphic design, and for many of them this is the way to make our world better.

This is the first ever publication exclusively about photo greeting cards.  Ten chapters are devoted to holiday cards, birthday and graduation invitations, birth announcements, wedding stationery, etc. The book also features a list of useful web resources for stationery designers and licensers.

“The Best Photo Cards” eBook is available on the Apple® iBookstore and Blurb for US $9.99 (accessible via Apple’s iTunes or iBooks app). To see the preview (30 pages out of 72), click here.

The Kindle® (Amazon), NOOK® (Barnes & Noble) & Kobo versions will be available by November/December 2012. The PDF version of this book will also be available for purchase.

One thought on “Proudly Announcing the Release of New eBook!

  1. Dasha, you’re book turned out gorgeous! I’m honored to be included with such wonderful designers.


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