Greeting Cards We Buy

130In few weeks we will celebrate Christmas. It’s time to shop for holiday cards… Usually we come to a local grocery store and find a greeting card aisle. We pick some cards, read verses, then look at these cards again and put them back on a shelf.  Why didn’t we like them?  Once we finally made a decision, we buy those cards that we consider to be beautiful. Why did we buy them? What could affect our decision? Many of us receive holiday cards every year, but only a few of them we keep. Other cards are being thrown away… Why?

I was thinking about all these questions while I was at a small antique store. Looking at old vintage postcards I’ve been asking myself, “Why did someone keep these cards? Many of them are blank without any personal messages or notes…” Probably, it was something really important that made people to keep them. Their owners thought that all these cards are truly beautiful, so they deserve to be kept for decades…

I think a good greeting card design means that a recipient of this card will never throw it away. It’s all about emotions. A really good design should provoke certain emotions… It should intrigue, tease or remind anything…  This is the way I design my own cards. I always think about those who will buy my cards and those who will receive them. It really helps me to create high quality products.

So, welcome to my blog! Here I will share latest news about my work in the greeting card industry. I truly believe that smart and beautiful design makes people’s lives better.

Always yours,

Dasha Wagner

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